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Sep 6, 2008

Kung Fu Cupcakes


Dragon Cupcake
Children will love these magical dragons for their birthday party!

mushu dragon cupcake
You'll Need:
cupcakes, red cupcake liners, red gumdrops (large and small),
yellow fruit-by-the foot or fruit rollups, white chocolate chips,
black decorator frosting, red frosting

Begin with a batch of cupcakes frosted a bright red or green or whatever color your dragons will be. A food color paste produces a more vibrant color tone.

For each cupcake, slice a large and small red gumdrop in half. Press the tip of a white chocolate chip into the cut surface of the large halves, near the center of the bottom edge to make the eyes. Press the "dragon eyes" into the frosting around the center of the cupcake. Then press the small gumdrop halves into the front of the cupcake (nose). Cut thin strips of fruit roll-up and place on the sides of the gum-drop "nose".

Cupcakes displayed using a cupcake stand will make a fabulous
table centerpiece.

Good Fortune Cupcakes - Super Easy!
Frost cupcakes with red or jade green frosting. Top each cupcake with
an unwrapped fortune cookie.

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Krista P said...

I remember this from the birthday party - They look so fun!